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Our alternative education software is designed to help settings who are proud to work differently to the mainstream.

LearnTrek for Alternative Provision is built on the understanding that much of the work done by staff  in AP will be 1:1 or in small groups. For this reason, we offer a wide range of features for tracking progress for children whose achievements deserve to be recognised and celebrated, but whose progress is often invisible in other systems.

Our out-of-the-box version of LearnTrek provides everything a small provision needs to succeed. A LearnTrek subscription ensures that you comply with statutory obligations such as safeguarding, behaviour and attendance, social-emotional progress tracking, academic achievement and much more.

With just one piece of alternative education software, settings can see all their data in one place and automate communications with staff, parents and other stakeholders.


Alternative education software


LearnTrek for Alternative Provision


Our DSL dashboard supports you to ensure that children and young people are safe in your setting.

Our built in safeguarding dashboard is designed to manage a much higher rate of complex concerns than in mainstream settings.

Data from your safeguarding dashboard interacts seamlessly with other progress tracking within the system.

Designed specifically for the Alternative Provision and Specialist School sectors, you won’t need to source any additional software or systems to keep your students safe.


Map your entire provision offer with LearnTrek’s customisable progress tracking feature.

Whether you deliver academic subjects or a range of short courses, interventions or pastoral work – we can help you map and track how your students are progressing in real time. You’ll be able to show all of your student’s tiny steps backwards and forwards no matter how non-linear their progress arc.

We offer full progress reporting to show students, parents, commissioners and inspectors the impact that you are having on the lives of children and young people.


In the world of specialist education your students may have multiple stakeholders involved in their provision. 

Whether it is parents, local authority commissioners, the student’s “home” school or other professionals, LearnTrek will automate your reporting and communication.

Staff and leaders are free to do what matters most, safe in the knowledge that your setting is meeting its obligations to keep all stakeholders informed of progress in a range of areas.

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