Trusts & Local Authorities

Our trust-wide software is designed to help trusts or local authorities who run special schools or alternative provisions.


LearnTrek for Trusts and Local Authorities supports large organisations who run or monitor special schools or alternative provisions and require more bespoke progress tracking for their non-mainstream learners.

Our software offers a range of metrics that allows large organisations to bring bespoke tracking measures off spreadsheets and into a cloud-based tool that is secure and accessible. 

LearnTrek for MATs will integrate with your existing MIS and other legacy systems so that staff are not repeating processes. It offers customised options for recording and analysing data on those students and staff teams who work that bit differently but exist within a more mainstream eco-system.

Local Authorities can purchase multiple LearnTrek subscriptions so that the settings they support and oversee can access the benefits. Our LA dashboard will provide oversight of all provisions using the system in one place.


Alternative Provision Technology


LearnTrek for Trusts & LAs


Track the progress of your more bespoke settings and programmes using a wide range of customisable metrics designed for use in alternative / special settings.

Our metrics allow you to collect standard data such as attendance, but also offer opportunities to standardise the collection and review of more varied indicators of progress across your organisation.

Get rid of unreliable and time consuming spreadsheets used to track more bespoke progress data by using our secure, accessible and cloud-based solution. Never lose information again with fully automated reminders!



Map your entire specialist provision or programme with LearnTrek’s customisable progress tracking feature.

Whether your alternative provision and special settings deliver academic subjects or a range of short courses, interventions or pastoral work – we can help you map and track how students are progressing in real time.

We offer full progress reporting to show students, parents, commissioners and inspectors the impact that you are having on the lives of children and young people in the non-mainstream parts of your trust.

For LAs – progress can be kept in one place and is at your fingertips for each provision you support.


We aim to integrate in any way that is helpful with your existing systems.

We understand that getting trust-level data on basics such as attendance and assessment results in crucial. 

We also understand that most organisations will use best-in-class safeguarding software and will want to continue to use this.

We aim to ensure that users of LearnTrek in your specialist settings and programmes only enter data in one place.

Talk to us about our extensive list of integrations with existing systems, or solutions that work with integrator tools such as Wonde. 

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