Pupil Referral Units

Our pupil referral unit software is designed to help settings who are proud to work differently to the mainstream.


LearnTrek for PRUs is built on the understanding that much of the work done by staff in maintained alternative provisions will be 1:1 or in small groups. We also understand the complexities of strategic provision planning and communication between schools for dual registered students.

Our pupil referral unit software offers a wide range of features for tracking progress for pupils whose achievements deserve to be recognised and celebrated. We provide clever communication tools to ensure that pupils’ “home” schools get the information they need at all times.

Whether you you are looking to switch MIS to a system that offers far more options for progress tracking, or continue to use legacy systems alongside LearnTrek, we support pupil referral units to leverage their EdTech for better outcomes for staff, pupils, families and other stakeholders.




LearnTrek for PRU Features


At LearnTrek we know that attendance in PRUs is just different to mainstream.

Whether you offer hybrid learning, on-site part time timetables, online sessions, community-based work experience or at-home provision, we offer a range of metrics to help you track and analyse attendance, engagement and participation.

We understand that the notion of “present” is so much more complex than in mainstream school. We aim to give you the tools to show the difference you can make to attendance. *

* Our statutory attendance tracker meets DFE requirements daily data uploads as of Sept 2024 and will integrate with your Wonde dashboard. 


Map your entire curriculum with LearnTrek’s customisable progress tracking feature.

Whether you deliver academic subjects or a range of short courses, interventions or pastoral work – we can help you map and track how your pupils are progressing in real time.

Track your PRU’s induction process as well as your transition process for those re-entering mainstream at the click of a button.

We offer full progress reporting to show pupils, parents, “home” schools and inspectors the impact that you are having on the lives of children and young people.



We offer all the reporting you need, with in-built systems for maintaining the integrity of your data so that reports are meaningful and accurate. 

Digest your day to day numerical and anecdotal information to make key decisions in real time with LearnTrek’s snapshot reporting feature. 

Set targets that correspond to EHCP or Individualised Learning Plans and measure progress against them.

Automate the creating and sending of beautiful school reports to parents and dual registered schools.



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